Special Needs Trusts & Public Benefits

Couple at a computer discussing special needs trusts and public benefits.

Planning for special needs and public benefits will prepare you, your family and your estate if medical expense is necessary so that the person needing medical care is more likely to qualify for benefits, while providing enough for a spouse and children, protect a business, and other assets.

The critical questions that are often asked:

  1. Do you receive too much income to qualify for Medicaid benefits?  With the right type of planning, you may still be able to qualify for Medicaid benefits even if your income exceeds the income limit.  
  2. Will you have too much property or other assets to qualify for Medicaid benefits that assist with the cost of nursing home or in home care?  With public benefits planning you may be able to retain control of your most valuable assets and qualify for Medicaid benefits.
  3. Are you within the 5-year (60 month) lookback period for Medicaid qualification?  You may still be able to qualify for Medicaid benefits and protect your home, your business, and other assets from Medicaid’s claim for reimbursement. 

Everyone’s family, assets, and situation is different. Ms. Raxter will work with you to identify your most important concerns. She will help you devise a plan for you and your family’s specific situation.

Special Needs Trusts

When a family member is disabled, providing for their financial needs, their personal care, and enjoyment of life is the highest priority. Special Needs Trusts enable a family and other concerned people to do so while also ensuring they remain eligible to receive the highest level of public benefits.

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