Probate & Estate Administration

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When a person leaves a Last Will and Testament, the individual’s Will must be presented to a court to assure the estate assets are distributed as directed by the terms of the Will. This process is called “probate.”  

When a person dies without leaving a Will, they are said to have died “intestate” and the state law determines who will inherit any assets that remain.  

Whether a person dies with or without a Will, a probate or some other legal proceeding is often required to transfer property, bank accounts and other assets to the person’s heirs and loved ones.

Estate Administration

Ms. Raxter offers experienced and compassionate Estate Administration expertise to identify the correct legal process for the situation at hand. Ms. Raxter will competently guide the family and friends of a deceased person through the applicable process to legally transfer assets either pursuant to the terms of a Last Will and Testament, or as an intestate estate.

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