Planning for Long-Term Care Needs & Asset Protection

You’ve worked hard for what you have. Protecting your assets for yourself, your spouse, and for generations to come can be overwhelming and confusing when long term medical care becomes unavoidable. Ms. Raxter will work with you to understand your goals in light of your financial and family situation, and provide you with options to protect and prolong the assets in your estate so that they are there for your needs and the needs of your family. Among the many asset protection strategies available to Texas citizens, some options include asset protection trusts, establishing protective deeds for your homestead, and creating limited liability businesses, to name a few. Additionally, Medicaid eligibility planning through gifting strategies or the use of a Qualified Income Trust may be appropriate in some cases. Whether you are planning for the possibility of long term care, or applying for Medicaid immediately, ensuring that your properties and assets are prolonged and protected is a little bit easier with Ms. Raxter’s experience and accredited knowledge.

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